February 7th, 2005


Censorship, I say! Censorship!

It could have just been a fluffy bit of cheesecake political satire (more cheesecake than satire), but...

GoDaddy.com, the renegade (well, not really) domain name registrar put together a superbowl ad that referenced last year's wardrobe malfunction and the subsequent FCC crackdown.

Watch the approved version (WMV or QuickTime) first, and then the full 2-minute web-only version (WMV or QuickTime).

Like I said, a fluffy bit of cheesecake political satire. but...

GoDaddy bought two slots. The commercial was heavily vetted by Fox before it was accepted in the first place. Between the airing of the first slot and the second, Fox got an upset call from the NFL and yanked the second airing, replacing it with a promo for the Simpsons.

...thus turning an irrelevant bit of fluff into a powerful statement. Two servings of irony coming right up.

I love my DVR...

'k, the Comcast DVR isn't perfect (it has this nasty habit of freezing once in a while), and sometimes the unit's clock and the networks' clocks don't quite jive (a problem with VCRs anyway).


I'm catching up on Venture Bros. and Invader Zim. Now I too will be able to be random in a new hip and trendy way.

I've caught a few Good Eats episodes I hadn't seen before. Brown's version of Oysters Rockefeller looks very tempting.
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