December 12th, 2004



So having recovered from the whatever-it-was Sunday and Monday, kproche and I only had 4 more events this week.

Tuesday's wine social at Vin Santo went pretty well, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 people. Haven't heard back from Susan on the accounting.

Friday's "Winter Beach Party" at King of Clubs was a blast. Idalis and Emmanuel lined up a great set of entertainers. Deneka didn't quite get the format we use there, but things still went well and raised a good bit of money.

Last night we trekked to Stockton for their "Christmas in M-M-M-M-M-Maui" party. Note the recycled theme. We've been recycling Tiki stuff for 2 years now. It was a great little show.

We're supposed to be going to Modesto for their Investiture this evening, but frankly, that's not happening. It's just been too long of a week.