December 6th, 2004


Nothing like a little food poisoning...

No, really, there's nothing like a little food poisoning, unless it's a touch of flu. Not sure which it is for sure, but I'm on the road to recovery.

But before all the sickness kicked in, we were able to have an excellent time at Las Vegas Coronation.

An early morning flight on Friday got us in to Vegas in time for hospitality. Yep, Friday hospitality. Let the intoxication begin! It being Vegas, lots of folks flew in early, so there was already a good crowd at noon, from all over the place. Hey, moonpuppy61, we got to meet some folks from the Imperial Court of Masachussets. I'm not sure if the Empress I met is the current Empress or a past Empress.

The "Out of Town Show" was amazing. An unending Vega-draga-thon, with over 60 performances, but excellent nonetheless. We've been to coronations with lower attendance than this show. Not everything was flawless (such as screwed-up  BEOs that almost resulted in the bar closing early), but it was still very good. After the show we all hopped on busses to some of the local bars. kproche and I crashed a bit early (2-ish), so we caught a cab back to the hotel. I think the gang made it back nearer to 4:00.

If it's Saturday it must be Hospitality. We slept late, put together the protocol book and walk music, turned it in in Hospitality, and had a bit more to eat and drink.

Coronation itself started on schedule, and it was huge. Really huge. 50 courts, duchies and baronies had representativs present. Jack E and Jackie Best moved the script along quickly. After what wasn't an interminably long evening (tho there were moments that were close), Emperor Tracy and Empress Aunt Betty did their last walks.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Coronation wasn't the only event going on in Vegas this weekend. It wasn't the only thing going on at our hotel this weekend. Vegas was mobbed by cowboys in town for the National Finals Rodeo. A bunch of gals from NFR came along about this time and I spent a while talking with them while we watched Aunt Betty's last walk.

Finally, it was all over, and we had a crowning. Mistress YG is the new Emperor of Las Vegas, and Carlotta Stolengoods is the new Empress of Las Vegas. Carlotta might be familiar to some of you either as Empress Carlotta Stolengoods of Long Beach or before that Grand Duke Gabriel of Long Beach.

Rather than another bus tour, there was an after-party in hospitality after crowning. Plenty of food and drink and people celebrating Carlotta and YG's victories.

Finally, Sunday morning we all got together again for Victory Brunch, where Aunt Betty and Tracy gave away a ton of plaques, and where Carlotta and YG introduced the first members of their court. Don't ask me to remember much of it, though.

Then we headed home and came down with whatever this crap is. If it wasn't just wildly coincidental flu (we don't usually get sick right at the same time) I blame it on the blinzes. At least we got home before it got bad.