November 11th, 2004


Live and don't learn...

Yep, it's Thursday, which means I watched South Park last night. Wow, a show where the boys didn't actually learn anything.



Drawn Together. It just keeps getting better. or worse. or something. Elmer Fudd and Snaggle-Puss, and I'll say no more on the subject.

Auction karma sucked. There weren't any really good deals. DesignJet went for $4000, which is a good price, but more than I'm ever paying for a printer. I've bought cars and motorcycles for less than that. I did get a color laser printer for a relatively small chunk of change, but I probably still paid more than it's worth. It's not like it's the first time I made a bad decision on used equipment. It doesn't look like that bad of a decision though. It should do what we need handily, and it's still way cheaper than getting our color printing done at a copy shop.

Oh, and new Foamy. Worship the lord and master.

Note to self...

When shopping at auctions, if you get the catalog in advance, search eBay and Google for everything, and find out what the items are selling for on the web. There were a bunch of things I didn't buy because I knew it was possible to get them cheaper elsewhere.

kproche pointed out, though, that if we even only get 300 pages off the printer and it dies, we're still not out any more than having 300 color fliers printed at a copy shop.