October 25th, 2004


Gratuitous Community Post...

real post to follow later, but for the moment...

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Weekend Update...

Some of you are going to smack me for not putting out a reminder, but Friday Night was the IRLM's Rocky Horror Cabaret Show at Club Savoy. kproche had flown the coop for Portland and the Rose Court's annual coronation (I'd link to the coronation info, but it's only up as a pdf) so I was on my own for the show.

We borrowed Wyatt's projector to run RHPS on the back wall of the room while Jo-An, Whitey, markobellydance, Sarah and a few others did the floor show. Crowd was good, and we had a blast.

There was talk of repeating the show November 6, but there's a ton of in-town and out-of-town events (SCCLA Contest, Stockton Ducal Ball and San Francisco ICP Ball), so I think it's been called off.

Saturday was a stay home and do nothing day. I watched InuYasha. Lots of InuYasha.

Sunday was a repsonsibility day, but not too responsible. I spent the morning making up a batch of Alton Brown's baked mac'n'cheese from Good Eats. Made it to take over to flotsomnjetsom's stitch'n'bitch, where I was joined by jkuroda and Laura. I spent my time working on K's Imperial banner (almost finished, just need to turn the top for the crossbar, get a red rhinestone for the pimiento in the olive, and some silver & blue tassels for the points). jkuroda duct-taped flotsomnjetsom into a solid mass (she was working on a duct-tape dress form). Everybody succeeded at getting something done.

Finished up just in time to pick up K at the airport, from whence we went home, unloaded luggage, went out to Sushi Totoro for dinner, and then went to bed.
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