October 19th, 2004


Create your own LiveJournal Commando Uniform

Can’t figure out what to wear at the next LJ meetup or convention? This quick, cheap and easy costume might be just what you’re looking for.

Buy these:
  • “woodland camo” BDU pants or Utilikilt

  • “woodland camo” BDU shirt

  • “woodland camo” military fatigues patrol cap
    or blue wool GI beret

  • BDU belt

  • olive-drab military T-shirt

  • combat boots (infantry or tanker, doesn’t really matter)

  • Avery #3384 iron-on inkjet canvas

Download this:

Make the costume:
  1. Select a rectangle on page 2 in which your LiveJournal ID will fit, and type in your journal ID

  2. Print page 2 on the iron-on canvas

  3. Cut out the patches and place them as follows on the BDU shirt:

  4. Place the Livejournal tape and name tape above left-breast pocket, LJ tape on top

  5. The rank patches and “Frank the Goat” patches are to be laid out on the sleeves in the same fashion as in the printout.

  6. Place the “Frank the Goat” and rank patches on each sleeve at the shoulder, facing forward

  7. Place “rank patches” on each sleeve below “Frank”

What rank patches do I wear? The maximum number of chevrons is 3, which is why there aren’t more on the printout. On each sleeve:
  • start with 1 chevron just for having an account

  • add 1 chevron for being a paid, lifetime or early-adopter member

  • add 1 chevron for being a member of one or more communities

  • add the LJ community patch if you are a community maintainer

  • The standard headgear for this unform is a matching patrol cap.

  • “Early adopter” and “permanent” account holders may wear a blue GI beret instead of the standard fatigues patrol cap.

Where to buy:
  • Check your local army/navy surplus store. This has the advantage of being cheap and also allowing you to try on pieces.

  • If you’ve got military connections and live near a base, try the PX

  • If nothing else, there are plenty of online and catalog suppliers including http://www.outinstyle.com/

Live Journal Commando Uniform created by bovil
Live Journal, the Live Journal logo, The Live Journal community icon and Frank the Goat property of Live Journal