October 15th, 2004


Dick & Lynne Cheney are a pair of shitheads...

Oh. My. God.

John Kerry said on national TV that the Cheney's openly lesbian daughter who worked in GLBT relations for a major brewing company is... a...


What an outrage!

Such a cheap shot!

Think of how much trouble he would have been in if he pointed out that the Secy. State's son is... black!

But seriously, it is a cheap shot, taking Mr. Family Values to task about not talking with his second-in-command's lesbian family about gay & lesbian issues.

He did talk to Mary Cheney about this stuff. I'm sure he did. Didn't he? I just don't know.

Music binge...

So I just ordered more CDs than I probably should have, but...

To replace tapes:
Little Feat: Representing the Mambo
Weird-ass southern rockaboogie. "Texas Twister" gets the down'n'dirty, "Representing the Mambo" gets the weird-ass...

The Creatures: Boomerang
Strange, science-fictiony percussion-driven songs á la Budgie and Siouxsie Sioux. I absolutely adore "Pluto Drive"

...and the geeky bit:
It's only a small leap from The Creatures to the multi-layered, sometimes calm, sometimes frenetic music of Gamelan. Back in high school I taped a bunch of Balinese Gamelan records, but alas those tapes are long lost, and even if they weren't I don't listen to tapes anymore.

Nonesuch Records has been re-releasing the Explorer Series of ethnic music on CD. Just ordered a stack of Explorer Series Bali and Java recordings. The Explorer series started as an interesting experiment; packaging and selling anthropological field recordings of native music, and Bali: Music from the Morning World was their first release.
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