October 1st, 2004


High school debaters judge the debate...

I was thinking last night that it would be interesting to watch the debate with a panel of judges, scoring it like high school and college debate competitions are scored.

Apparently the Mercury News thought the same sort of thing, but early enough to plan something.

The results aren't surprising.

Bush gets points for conversational style. Kerry gets points for everything else. Unfortunately the web version of the article doesn't include the scoring table, or you could see how Kerry was rated sub-par on eye contact, and Bush was rated sub-par on organization, composure and introducing new ideas.
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Yesterday, the inimitable Something Awful posted the Presidential Debates Drinking Game.

The game works through a few standard levels; i.e. "take a sip" "take 3 sips" "finish your drink" levels. The last level, though, is "consecrate an altar to Dionysus" and lists things that the writer swears will never happen.

so the OMGWTF ('cuz this is a commentary on a web humor site) quote (from the "Consecrate an altar..." section): …George W. Bush finally admits that the Iraq war against Saddam Hussein was just a case of confusion over the spelling of "Bin Laden".

We all knew the Daily Show had a better bead on what's happening than anybody else in TV media. Who knew, though, that a bunch of internet goons would an impossibility so close to what really happened?

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