August 30th, 2004



So I expect that most of you have noticed that my journal tends to focus on event announcements/reviews and my current obsession with my music collection (which will subside back to its normal level once I've got it completely ripped and cataloged--unless I decide to re-rip everything as AAC to recover some space).

But anyway, I'm ripping a bunch of CDs I skipped on my first pass, and I've reached a rather... embarrassing... range of CDs.

"Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off"

Kenny G.

and... well, you can read the "Music" listing at the bottom of this journal entry (and the other 3 volumes are sitting right in front of me too).

Let's see if we can start a meme. Post the following quote in your journal, and respond to it:

What is the most embarrassing CD you have in your collection, and why? Why what? Why do you have it? Why is it embarrassing?

I can't really claim the Neil Norman discs myself; kproche bought those. Even if disco-oid versions of "Close Encounters" and "Space: 1999" are pretty bad.

I haven't got that many CDs I consider embarrassing. I avoid most of the trendy buys that start stinking like a week-old fish by being a cheap bastard -- I buy used, so I'm not swept up in the spirit of the moment.

Kenny G - "Breathless" is tempting, and I did buy it, back when Mr. G was the darling of the light jazz set, but it's not the worst.

"The Symphonic Music of Yes" is probably it. Now I really like Yes. I'm a big fan of progressive rock, and Yes does/did the sort of lush orchestral rock that one would expect to translate well to a symphony orchestra. Unfortunately, this album should have been titled "The Elevator Music of Yes." The worst thing is I bought two copies by accident when I was shuffling a stack of CDs at a used record store. Double the suckage.
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    "Close Encounters" - Greatest Science Fiction Hits - Neil Norman

My new favorite political website

Don't read any further if you don't like seeing questions raised about political candidates you support or the claims they make.

Annenberg Political Fact Check quotes Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan on it's front page. While this may infuriate some conservatives and convince them that this is a Democratic partisan page, further reading shows that Fact Check is quite willing to slice, dice and serve up any candidate, politician or advocacy organization that plays fast and loose with the facts. Recently, they've whacked Swift Boat Veterans For Truth (1, 2) and MoveOn PAC.

We're not just talking a bunch of equal-opportunity hatchet-men here, though. Fact Check analyzes, focuses on and reports on the credibility of advertisements, position papers and statements. They're quite willing to provide the documentation that supports an advertisement, factsheet or statement that their researchers determine is accurate.

Oh, the quote?

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts."
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    "We Shall Overcome" - What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong