August 27th, 2004


The runaway train...

...that is WorldCon fast approacheth.

We've just packed 4 footlockers that are being handed to FedEx to ship to Boston, including the most excellent Chest of Evil. Yep, we're planning a loeg (that's League of Evil Geniuses) party to promote our Costume-Con bid next Friday night in the Costumers Suite, at the lovely Sheraton (the party hotel).

kproche is scheduled for a bunch of panels, but this seems to be my lucky year; I've not had to do panels at WesterCon or WorldCon this year. Frankly, while I love being on panels, I have this tendency to let myself get overbooked. We are both judging workmanship for the Masquerade, (and of course, we have the above-mentioned party), so it's not a completely lazy convention for me.

Looking forward to seeing unayok, karisu_sama,didjiman, johno (you doing LJ badges?), chriso, galtinel, hazelchaz, and if I didn't mention you, forgive me, it just means that I don't know for certain that youre going.

It's late, time for bed, have to go in to work so I can rip some more CD's :)
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