August 23rd, 2004



(see a pattern in my Monday moods?)

The Best Buck in the Bay was a blast.

Friday night's warm-up party was lightly attended, but not too lightly. There was still a good size gang of cowboys and cowgirls from around the country getting in the mood for a great weekend. kproche did a pair of songs at the entertainment pavilion, and even though they weren't country songs they went over well.

Saturday we went out to Driscoll Ranches for the rodeo itself, and got there just in time to catch Barrel Racing. Serious speed event, and women's division generally blows mens division out of the water. A few of the contestants turned in some really tight performances. Also watched steer riding and "steer decorating." This year nearly all the steer decorating teams turned in times (that is to say their attempts weren't disqualified), unlike previous outings. It's a difficult event, but one team got it in under 8 seconds.

Saturday afternoon was a pool party (again sparsely attended, as most folks were still at the rodeo), followed by another dance/party in the evening. That was a mob scene. Had a few folks over to the hotel room for cocktails afterwards and gossiped. It was a most excellent party.

We skipped the Rodeo events Sunday, because we had to check out of the hotel, but we did return Sunday night for the awards ceremony. kproche and I sponsored the award buckle for "Goat Dressing" in the name of our Costume-Con bid. This is the first time we came back in for the awards ceremony, and it was prety cool. A lot of folks had already left, but most of the rodeo contestants and almost all of the staff was there (and finally had a chance to relax).

Big kudos to the GSGRA Bay Area Chapter for building an excellent team and putting on a real quality event.
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Your chance to tell me I'm crazy...

What with getting the iPod, I've been working on organizing my mp3 collection.

That's not entirely true. I had started to organize my mp3 collection before I got the iPod, particularly because I've been doing sound for IRLM events a lot the last few months. Two events without knowing I was expected to provide background music and I just don't travel without the laptop anywhere any more. The iPod has just made it much more practical to organize things (what with multiple computers with different hard drive sizes).

Anyway, I've got (I think) my current mp3 collection consolidated, and have cleaned up much of the data-rot that comes from bad and incomplete entries in Gracenote CDDB. I also picked up a great tool called iTunes Catalog to publish my track listings.


Take a look at the listings. Tell me if you think the genre that I (or more likely CDDB) put an album or song in is crazy. Tell me where you think it ought to be. Can't guarantee I'll listen to you (but that's normal).

(Oh, and yes, this is only part of the CD collection; I stopped ripping new CDs for a while while cleaning up the old data. I'll start again soon.)
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