August 19th, 2004


Cowboys, cowboys, cowboys!

So, as I said, this weekend we're going to be at the Bay Area Gay Rodeo.

Believe it or not it's actually a serious rodeo event. Really.

30 years ago in Reno, their first Emperor decided to produce a rodeo as a fundraiser. It was a great success. Really.

Think about it. Give a bunch of gay cowboys (and cowgirls) somewhere to get together, a rodeo arena where they can show off for each other and it's a mob scene.

The rodeo features traditional rodeo events (rough stock events like bull riding, speed events like barrel racing and roping events) and camp events. Camp events, you ask? Steer decorating, goat dressing and "wild drag" pretty wild. They're also just as rough as some of the rough stock events. Check out the rodeo events listing and you'll get an idea of how insane some of this is. kproche and I are sponsoring an award buckle for Goat Dressing.

It's not just the rodeo events that are a draw. There are pool parties at the hotel on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Gay cowboys in speedos everywhere. Dances on Friday and Saturday night, with two-stepping and line-dancing 'til the cows come home. We're planning either a happy-hour or cocktail party on Saturday or Sunday. Finally on Sunday night, the presentation of the award buckles to the event winners. It's a nice wind-down from the excitement of the weekend.

I expect I'm going to be exhausted come Monday.
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