August 17th, 2004


Surviving the weekend

Fright Night Friday the 13th at King of Clubs was a blast. Much weirdness ensued with strange drag numbers, horrific broadway parodies and wild tunes spun by Neshamah her wicked women of Stiletto. Victoria Secret and Angelica Devarox of San Francisco even made a special appearance. Imperial Crown Princess Siobhan and Imperial Crown Prince Marko did a fabulous job with their first show, and pulled more than $300.

Saturday night brought a low-key Tiki Party at Casa Hartlove in beautiful Cabo San Concord. Tropical drinks flowed freely and delicious desserts abounded.

Sunday afternoon we made a quick stop at Imperial Crown Princess Ava Grabmore's Birthday Bash at Renegades. The crowd was having an excellent time, and between the prize drawings and the "rough drag" contest they also pulled more than $300.

The rest of the weekend was spent being crafty (kproche spent a fair amount of time working on his crown) and domestic (we did a lot of housecleaning). The crown is nearly complete, and the bedroom, back hall, bathroom and a large portion of the living room are clean.

Coming up this weekend: The Golden State Gay Rodeo Association's Bay Area Regional Rodeo.
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