Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Further Confusion loeg party

I was really disappointed last year when FC picked "Renaissance Faire" over "Mod 60's" as a theme, because I had a great idea for a party theme that just wouldn't work without the convention theme.

Someone, though, had the foresight to pick "007" and spies for FC07's theme, thus reviving my bad great idea.

The League of Evil Geniuses Presents:

Scott Evil's Evil Petting Zoo

For props we would need disturbing plush toys (no, not disturbing in that way). I've already got the mummified cat, a plush Cthulhu and Nyarlthotep and a plush Dread Rabbit of Caerbannog. I think this might also be the excuse to get some cheap beanie-animals and make up some plush pickled punks.

We would also need mod 60's music, more than just the Austin Powers albums.

And for once, we wouldn't have to put up all the Hall of Fame posters (although I'm thinking the animal villains should still go up).

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