Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

$150 down the drain...

Why the hell should you spend $150 on a book?

Well, what if I said it was a collection of short stories by Jay Lake illustrated by Frank Wu?

What if I said it was an artistic expression in bookbinding by specialty publisher Traife Buffet Haute Bibilio?

What if I said the end-papers are so blindingly orgasmic that you would have a hard time turning past them to read the book because they just scream to be licked?

OK, I get the "TMI" in response to the last one.

Still, the collector edition of Greetings from Lake Wu is an amazing piece of work, a collection of almost entirely fabulous stories and almost entirely fabulous art in a definitely entirely fabulous package. Sure, the Wheatland Press Edition is much cheaper (but lacking color prints of Frank's paintings and 3 new stories and paintings only in this edition). If you just want a rollicking journey through SF short fiction, get it. If you want something a bit more substantial, and with it the admiration and envy of your reading peers, pick up the collector edition.

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