Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Hugo Recommendations list...


Since Cheryl has said that she won't be doing a Hugo nomination recommendations list, I figured it was time to do something. Since Stego was whining about how SMOFers were fixing the Hugos, I figured it was time to do something. Since we were talking about this before the BASFA meeting last night, I figured it was time to do something.

I thought about getting a plug-in for the content management system on my personal website that would provide appropriate function, but frankly, I barely know how to use my CMS. I also don't really want to take on the user-admin tasks that would go along with that.

There is a system that I know a lot about, though. Livejournal. It wouldn't be too difficult to set up a community and a few rules, open it up to any interested parties, and kill a few birds with one stone.

Check out hugo_recommend.

It's not ready for prime time. I have to create the tags (and may have to modify the associated rules, because I've got an idea) and write some more documentation. Take a look at the rules for the community and tell me what you think, though. Subscribe if you think you're going to be interested in the final list.

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