Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

We need a little Christmas... a hole in the head.

Naah, it wasn't that bad. Two days of Christmas music is much less mind-numbing than 3 months. The battle to get rid of Miss Edie's old Christmas tchotchkes continued apace with Christmas In July.

This one was kproche's baby, so we got to Dar's Hideaway nice and early to set up sound, food and decor. Empress XV (and bar owner) Dar made up some fabu tacos, Empress XXX Margaret brought rice, ICP Allen threw together a nice corn salad and we brought mango salad, cucumber salad and some really... interesting red and green tortilla chips.

Kevin, Allen, and our Viridian Crown Countess TamEva provided a bit excellent entertainment for the small crowd that decided to venture over after the Garlic Festival, and we drew enough prize tickets to ensure that we didn't go home with any Christmas stuff.

Last night's festivities pulled a little over $200, not bad at all for the size of the crowd. Many thanks to everybody who worked and everybody who attended.

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