Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

In which the L.A.con IV masq director steps in it...

So for those of you who haven't been watching the argument on ICG-D...

karisu_sama wrote up a detailed report of her experiences judging the L.A.con IV masquerade, and her dissatisfaction with the process.

The MD got a bit cranky about it.

I thought this was bad:
She is unhappy and so am I and I'm sorry she got confused. I take full blame for it as MD. But I do wish she would stop manufacturing things and posting them here and on her blog. It is not professional, not nice, and above all, wrong to print false things. Karisu, I appreciate you showing up and wanting to do a good job, and thank you for that, but you need to relax, step back, and see there was no conspiracy against you.

So accusing someone of fabricating their report, bad enough?

I was right, and yet I was wrong. Martin doesn't seem to be able to argue on points, so he makes a reach...
I have been participating and helping at Masquerades for probably longer than you have been alive

Now I know it's not proper to talk about a lady's age, but...



Reaching bad.

And incorrect.

Karen Anderson, sure. Bjo Trimble, sure. Janet Wilson Anderson, possibly. (I've seen the pictures with the dates on them).

Martin Jaquish? No.

Watch the credibility fall into the crapper.

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