Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Home in 1 piece...

Skimmed LJ. That's it.

Started my L.A.con IV review for SF/SF (I think) and Virtual Costumer in the car. Have excellent ideas for a Drink Tank L.A.con IV review.

Got some suggestions from Seth Breidbart about how to get Pacheco Progress on next year's Hugo ballot (and maybe even win) without stirring up a nest of hornets. In addition to the hoax PR0 that Chris is intending to add to our previous 'zine efforts, I think that the more-than-super-complete eBound edition needs to also include a "Worldcon Atteendees Guide to Voting." Yeah, that's serious and potentially dull, but I'm thinking of maybe a comic book format if I can find an artist.

More posts after I've had some sleep.

Oh, and Chris... another 'zine name idea: "FanTAFFtic Voyage"

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