Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Not a stress-free day...

Today was almost a comedy of errors, but it wasn't.

kproche had some serious problems putting up the the stargate, but it's up. drewan has pics.

The con information kiosks at the Hilton are pretty sad. Just a half-dozen easels with a 2'x3' sheet of foam-core. By the time Denver's posters went up, there was almost no space, particularly for our huge 11"x17" campaign posters.

Opening ceremonies was simple but decent.

The ice order was a bit shaky; it wasn't until less than an hour before order deadline that the office was able to take ice orders. This will be fixed tommorrow. Ice was ordered, and delivered (rather than us having to go pick it up as originally stated), so I'm more than satisfied.

My "Blogs and E-Fanzines" panel went pretty well. It meandered, but not too badly.

Check-in to the party room was a bit later than anticipated, but no problems. Jennifer's "No Move" order stuck.

Hollister decorations went up very quickly, and kevin_standlee dropped off Match Game posters for us to put up too. We open in about 45 minutes.

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