Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I've been looking at embroidery machines.

I've come to one conclusion. I'm not buying an embroidery machine any time soon. First of all, they cost more than I've spent on a car (yeah, I'm cheap when it comes to vehicles). I would really need to sit down and fiddle with the software, create a few designs and run them before I'd be satisfied that I'm getting my money's worth.

There's one shop that might let me do this with a Viking Designer SE. I'd probably have a hard time talking someone to let me do the same with a Bernina Artista 730E, a Brother Innov-is 4000D or a BabyLock Ellegante (all of which come off the same production line).

Husqvarna and Brother (BabyLock/Bernina) are the market leaders, and I know a little bit about them. I don't know enough about the Pfaff creative 2170 or the Elna Xquisit (which is kind of a shame, since I like older machines of both brands) to even know whether they're worth considering. The Janome MemoryCraft 11000 (which definitely suffers from model number inflation) boasts a huge screen, but again I don't know much about it. Juki (a perennial favorite of mine) doesn't even offer an embroidery machine. I'm not even bothering with the lower-tier brands.

But I'm not buying one anyway.

So the question is: Anybody have any good resources on "thread painting" or other sorts of free-motion embroidery that they can suggest? I've got the right features and feet on both my ancient Pfaff and my ancient Elna to do free-motion work. If the techniques aren't too hard or mind-numbing, it's worth it to save the $5-6k...

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