Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Needle notes...

The regular sewing machines all take type 130/705H (also known as 130R, 15x1 or HAx1 needles).

The Elna 704DEX serger takes ELx705 needles. This is a Schmetz variant on the 130/705H needle designed for Elna cover stitch sergers, but should perform well in any serger that uses 130/705H needles (and is worth trying if your serger that uses regular needles is being flaky). Other manufacturers also make ELx705. Size 11-14

The BabyLock (Juki) BL4-738D serger takes DCx1F needles. Size 11,14

The Singer 14u13 serger takes Singer #2053 (Organ type JLx1) needles. Size 10-14

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