Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Shopping/Packing lists...

This is the Do not forget these things! list. Some items may just be bought on auto-pilot, some we've got already, and some are strange...


League of Evil Geniuses Party:
Black table-cover
Champagne flutes
2-oz shot cups
2 cases sparkling wine
Extra-hot Ginger Ale (if we can get to Galco)
Coffin Liquor
Alchemist Series #1
Wolf Urine (I hope it runs out this time...)
Torch bases

Hollister Party:
Green table-cover
Crystal Tumblers
Case Ozeki Dry Sake
Case CdF Santa Rosa Plum wine
Case CdF Pomegranate wine
Hollister/San Jose local soda (if we get to Galco)

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