Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Secrets of the Party Hosts!

Someone asked on laconiv about places near the hotel to get party supplies. I can't speak to "near" but I did find the nearest outposts of our regular haunts.

In Anaheim:
Smart & Final, about 4 miles Northwest
Thai-Lao Market, same area
Party City (bad directions, at Euclid and I-5), same area
Artesia Orange County Ice, 3 miles north
Party America, 5 miles north
Nippon Foods, 5 miles west

In Garden Grove, southwest of the convention center:
Costco, less than 4 miles away.
Hannam Chain Korean Market, same area
Smart & Final, about 3 miles southwest

On Tustin St. in Orange, east of the convention center; looks like a good concentration of shopping:
Trader Joe's, about 6 miles away in "The Village at Orange"
Cost Plus, also in "The Village at Orange"
Party America, also in "The Village at Orange"
Beverages & More, same area

In Costa Mesa, South:
Mitsuwa Marketplace, 13 miles south
Marukai Corporation Store (aka "Japanese Costco"), 9 miles south

Specialty shopping, elsewhere:
Galco's Soda Pop Stop, 30 miles north, almost to Pasadena. Regional, specialty and rare sodas. "Hot Hot Hot Jamaican Ginger Beer"

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