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kproche and I stayed home and watched Stargate on Friday night.

But anyway, back to the normal chaos that is Imperial life...

Saturday was a bit of errands, ripping some remaining karaoke CD's (which I'm currently fighting with to transfer back down to my Mac at work), and jumping in the car to head to Modesto's Closet Ball.

So if you have no idea what a closet ball is (and I don't really expect you to), it's a drag contest where:
  • the contestant's haven't done drag before

  • they are assisted by an experienced drag queen

Now "haven't done drag before" means not having performed before, cross-dressing for halloween doesn't count.

The contestants were Emperor Mark Cervantes of Stockton (aka Emperor Mark Cervesa of Alviso) competing as "ConSwella CumSmellya" and Emperor Alex P of Alameda competing as "Juwanna Piece."

It was a fun little contest and show, Juwanna won, and many of us hauled off to The Brave Bull. It's a most excellent dive, but the patio fenced in with chicken wire is a bit ghetto.

Sunday was a run with Madame Steele to Alameda for Empress Niyah and Emperor Ellis' Investiture ceremonies and then to Martuni's in San Francisco where kproche was performing in Cookie Dough's Cookie...After Dark show. I had expected Martuni's to be a bit larger inside, but it was a cozy little venue with the show in the piano bar.

The show was wild, and included Cookie, Kielbasia, Heklina, Princess Johnson and others. We may have to go back some time K isn't performing.

A quick apres show dinner at Mifune and the return trip home, and we were ready to crash.

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