Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Pretty good score for a dead guy...

I died in the Dungeon of Bovil

I was killed in a sloping throne room by Johnnyeponymous the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

a Figurine of Paris1905, the Crown of Gerisullivan, a Figurine of Tanbi, the Wand of Tacnukesoul, the Sword of Lyzard13, the Sceptre of Irlm, the Sceptre of Miniosiris, the Amulet of Yaoicon, the Armour of Conventions, the Wand of Worldcon, a Figurine of Jcbemis, the Sword of Ipod, the Armour of Worldcon, the Axe of Trystbat, the Dagger of Firestrike, the Amulet of Laroberouge, the Wand of Manga, the Armour of Frostfox, the Amulet of Desert Peach, the Wand of Cygnet 47, the Shield of Yaoicon, a Figurine of Pann Da Bear, the Amulet of Sondheim, the Armour of Orangemike, a Figurine of Lisa Marli and 682 gold pieces.

Score: 578

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