Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Fuck global warming!


I said it. Fuck global warming.

And while I'm at it...

Fuck Mallard Filmore. Fuck conservatives. Fuck the anti-science bastards who portray scientific debate as the end of the discussion and not as part of the ongoing process.

Fuck the automakers and the energy companies. Fuck the companies who subsidize gasoline for their guzzling monster SUVs and fuck the idiots who buy them and then complain about $3 gasoline bankrupting them. Fuck pillage-and-burn just for a few more dollars' profit.

Fuck end-of-timers. Fuck the people who waste and pollute because they're going to get raptured real soon now, and won't have to worry about the after-effects. Bush and Ahmadinejad are both getting out the good china and silverware and setting a place at the table for Jesus (well, Ahmadinejad is setting His place next to the Mahdi's). Neither has more of an RSVP than "We'll have our people call your people."

This whole global-warming thing, true or not, is just a smoke screen now. It doesn't matter. We may be experiencing human-influenced climate change, or we may just be experiencing a climate cycle. It doesn't matter.

Look out your fucking window. Take a breath of fresh air.

I can't.

I look out the window and the pollution is so thick I can't clearly see the hill 3 miles away. I get on a plane and can see the end of the smog layer as we climb up to cruising altitude; it's like the difference between an old sepia photo and color. It's like a layer of grime on a painting.

Saturday I could smell the ground-level ozone in the air. I am intimately familiar with the smell of ozone, and this was it. Ozone concentrations have to be pretty high for that to happen. I'm not sure how some people were breathing it.

Take a look at your pocketbook.

We're thrilled to see gasoline drop below $3/gallon. It cost me $15 to fill up my tank the last time. For a motorcycle. With a 4 gallon tank. And we're still paying a lot less than Europe.

So fuck global warming.

We could do things about basic air quality. We could do things to reduce fuel consumption. They would have real results.

But everybody is all fired up about global warming and discrediting global warming. It's a fucking smoke-screen, and it's doing a great job of hiding all that smoke and pollution.

<FOAMY style="sarcastic">"Why should we do that? Global warming is a myth, it won't have any effect..."</FOAMY>

Because it will reduce the pollution in the air. Because you'll be able to breathe more easily and your doctor bills may go down. Because you'll be able to see those nice mountains off in the distance (yes, they're really there). Because reducing fuel demand may result in lower fuel costs.

If global warming is a myth, it doesn't matter. If it's not a myth, reducing pollution and fuel use will have beneficial effects.

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