Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

More completions

Got fans. Should have done it ages ago. $15 for a simple box fan to get air moving at night is a lot better than the price of an AC unit, particularly when both of us work in climate-controlled facilities during the week.

Well, that and our windows won't take a window unit; we would have to get one of those freestanding models.

$70 for a tall squirrel-cage fan is a bit stiff, but it will work in the living room. I considered not getting a fan for the living room, but the cable box and stereo throw off a lot of heat when they're running.

May still pick up one more box fan for the bedroom and move the one we got from danjite and khaybee to the garage; running a fan for a bit after getting home from work to get the hot air from the wine cabinet out of the garage wouldn't be a bad idea.

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