Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

On the irritating side of things...

I got two lots of supplies for the Phaser 560. A "lower unit" is now sitting under the printer, providing 500 more sheets of capacity. Unfortunately, the black cartridge I just got (in a lot that included 1 black, 2 cyan, 1 yellow, an imaging unit and two fuser rolls) was a used cartridge somebody stuck back in the box. The seller didn't open the box to check it (everything else was NIB, I'll believe that it wasn't a scam; it's the cheapest item in the set) and neither did I until after I left feedback. We'll see what I hear back.

That means that I'm not printing on the Phaser until I get a good black cartridge.

I'm just going to spend the $99 + shipping for a set of 4 toners at the "buy it now" price. They might come in before I run out of printing time next week and I have to fall back to the old inkjet.

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