Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

LJ and Six Apart

There's a lot of angst floating around regarding recent statements by LJ staffers and Six Apart marketing.

The big blowup on lj_design when a buggy prototype user profile page sample that looked a bit too much like mySpace has settled; several thousand "No!" votes caught their attention.

The assumptions about LJ made in Six Apart's marketing release for VOX still need to be challenged. Spread the word.

Update your profile for all your journals (if you have more than one) and include your year of birth. Prove to them (SixApart) that not everyone on their site is 18 and female. Feel free to check the box that says not to share the information publicly.

It'll still be counted in the statistics.

Data drives sales and engineering. It's your choice to provide the data in hopes that sales and engineering decisions are made that take you into account, or not provide the data and ensure that you're not considered. If you're a sponsored-plus, paid, early-adopter or permanent member, definitely do this. We're not seeing the statistical break-down by member type or journal activity level, but you can be sure that the people at Six Apart are paying attention.

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