Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Reducing my printing costs...

So that old printer, the big Tek Phaser 560 that has been worth every penny just rolled over 91,000 pages. Mind you, it had (I think) around 80,000 pages on it when we got it. Still, somewhere around 10k pages of color for around $600 was a good investment...

...and I just got a nearly complete restock of consumables NIB for $150. Including shipping and handling. Including the godawful expensive imaging unit that usually sells for $250 on ebay (and about a grand retail). Just in time; I'm running out of yellow and black toners. Life is good.

Now if I can get the "lower unit" expansion that's got no bids for cheap, it'll be a high-volume (and kinda low speed) printin' machine!

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