Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Costume-Con 24 (NOT)

This is not a con report. We're back safe from Costume-Con 24.

We're about the only people who didn't get boned on the return flight; thunderstorms and hailstorms starting on Monday and still ongoing messed up O'Hare something big. night_x_walker and reddheart who were supposed to be going home on Monday through Chicago were on our flight through Denver today (at least they got first class when they re-booked). Michelle Solomon (who was supposed to be going home to Chicago yesterday) was supposed to be on a plane this afternoon, but when we were boarding they were still canceling Chicago flights. karisu_sama and didjiman got to Chicago yesterday, but then were stuck there (on the tarmac) for an extra 5 hours before they could take off. I hear Stephanie Carrigg was stuck in Chicago overnight on her way back to Boston.

Oh, and tonight's 11:00pm arrival from Chicago at SJC was listing as 3:30am. Guess they're paying the curfew fine to avoid creating more snarls.

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