Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


I feel pretty accomplished...

Last week I mentioned the new toy that showed up at work. Part of the reason I got it is the last time my laptop died I was pretty dead in the water. The old mac was just too slow to be my only machine, and it also didn't run any of my windows admin software.

I knew there were several boot-loader packages available to run Windows on the new iMac. Then Apple released the beta of "Boot Camp" and Parallels announced their beta program for Parallels Desktop.

I had to go with Parallels. Boot Camp is just a boot manager. Parallels is a virtualization client that lets me run Windows in a window on my Mac without having to reboot and without losing access to my mac programs while using it.

It took about 5 minutes to install Parallels Workstation on Friday, but I didn't have a Windows XP Pro install disk on me, so that had to wait until today. There was a bit of fiddling involved in getting it patched up to XP Service Pack 2 (I hate Genuine Windows Advantage program), but I've got Windows running in a window on my Mac.

It's not the perkiest thing in the world, but I haven't got much RAM at the moment (more is on order). Still, it works. Not bad for a beta of a $50 program.

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