Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

New Printer notes...

It came.

Downsides: Black printing on plain paper isn't as rich or dark as the Epson. It makes weird clicky noises sometimes.

Upsides: It works! It works! It works!

More upsides: Oy, is it fast. It uses Canon BCI-6 tanks, which are used by many other S-series and I-series canon printers; the Epson cartridges are difficult to find. It's BubbleJet Direct and PictBridge compatible (not that I'm likely to plug in a camera and print directly to it; it's sitting right next to the computer, after all).

Sometime later this summer I'll probably try to get the Epson running again. If I'm lucky it's just a priming problem and some air in the lines. I'm not going to throw any more serious money into it, though.

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