Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Done fighting...

...with the Epson 2200. I've spent the last two weeks attempting to get the stupid thing to un-clog again with zero success.

I've talked to a few friends, read a few reviews, and ordered a Canon i9900.

Yeah, it's a dye-based ink system. I'm not going for archival prints, I just need a good large-format printer so I can print the occasional poster.

Well, maybe not so occasional. We've got a stack of posters to print and laminate for the loeg party. We're doing two parties simultaneously in two different time zones, so we need another set of posters.

I may see about sending the Epson in for service. When it's working the output is gorgeous. Service is probably going to cost as much as the new printer, though, and we've already thrown a lot of money at ink and cleaning supplies for it with mixed results.

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