Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

More DVD fun...


A while back kproche lost his copy of the "Ready! Steady! Sew" DVD from inter_action. We checked with kevin_standlee, since he had copies too. He said he attempted to make a copy, but had problems.

Since I've got a DVD burner now, I asked Kevin if we could borrow the disk so I could try to copy it myself, and he brought it to basfa last night.

It might have just been crud on the face of the disc that prevented it from copying, but there were some other strange things.

The really suspicious bit is when I attempted to import the disc into Nero. The import function told me that there were two "titles" (video tracks) on the disc. Two 4gb titles. I need to look at the disc a bit closer; there's a chance that this was burned on to DVD-9 (dual layer) media. I doubt it though, it's probably a DVD-VR (editable video capture) format, and there is really only one title on the disc, just two different directory entries for it.

I did capture title #1, which does include the entire masquerade, "Ready! Steady! Sew!" and the masquerade awards. I did not check title 2 to see if it's actually a different stream (it could be the stream from a camera that was spinning to its own isolated tape).

I've split out the masquerade and the awards for one DVD, and I'm working on chapter marks and menus for it. After that's done, I'll make up a DVD with just "Ready! Steady! Sew!" Final versions will be transcoded for NTSC playback. I've also got Kevin's Hugo Award Ceremony disc, and I expect that I'll be making both DVD and VCD editions of the "Prix Victor Hugo" introduction for him.

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