Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Lessons learned...

...and not even the hard way.

Well, barely. It all started with a blue screen of death on my home machine.

First lesson learned: "Last Known Good Configuration" works in Windows XP. Or at least it worked this time. That's still better than the "never" I experienced with Windows NT or 2000. I'm sure there are cases where it's still useless, but when I found my home machine booting into a blue screen and "Safe Mode" didn't help, going to "Last Known Good Configuration" got the machine to boot up.

Second lesson learned: The idea that I wouldn't use the "One-touch" features of my new Maxtor One Touch III was bullshit. After I got the machine back running, I set up the Retrospect Express HD to back up my boot drive to the brick. If I blow things up again, I just do a bare install of the OS, reinstall the One Touch disk (for the Retrospect Express HD software) and restore my system from the brick. My boot volume is only about 11gb of data, so it barely puts a dent in my available storage.

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