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ScruzCon Bound...

I'm bailing from work early today and heading over the hill to Santa Cruz (in my "bird of paradise" aloha shirt) to join the rest of the winos for VintaCon 2.

What's VintaCon, and why is this VintaCon 2?

Well, back in 2002 a bunch of us were thinking "wouldn't it be nice to run off to Sonoma or somewhere the weekend after ConJosé, relax, recover and taste a lot of wine?"

Alas, SoNapaNomaCon didn't happen. Everybody was so busy getting their departments ready for ConJosé that nobody had the time before to plan it, and nobody had the energy afterwards to attend it.

But Spring and Dave didn't give up. Last year they organized SloCon (the First VintaCon). A dozen or so of us meandered down to San Luis Obispo to the infamous Madonna Inn, cruised around Paso Robles tasting wine, and had a generally excellent time. We even ran over to San Simeon for a night-time tour of Hearst Castle.

On Sunday morning of SloCon, the site for VintaCon 2 was chosen, bringing us to ScruzCon. This time we're at the GuestHouse Pacific Inn in Santa Cruz, and tasting all over the Santa Cruz mountains.

Time to go before the traffic on 17 gets too bad...

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