Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I hate Costco...

...but that's mostly because of the crowds of morons (who don't understand traffic while driving in the parking lot or while pushing a cart around the store) and the lackadaisical "organization" of the store (and those center aisles too narrow to fit two carts down doesn't help either).

It's still a good source for tech bargains (if you're not fussy about specific brands or models).

Case in point. I needed a DVD burner and an external drive for the machine at home (no, 160gb of disk isn't really enough once it's been sliced up to make for a more stable and long-lived installation, thank you very much).

A 300gb Maxtor OneTouch III Firewire 400/USB 2.0 priced out better than other 300gb drives without Firewire or the bundled Maxtor OneTouch Manager (EMC Retrospect Express HD Edition back-up software, actually) at the discount houses I checked.

A HP dvd740e drive priced out lower than most 8x double-layer DVD burners without Lightscribe Labeling. I'll probably never use the LightScribe functionality (LightScribe media sells for about 3x the price of regular DVD media) but you never know.

They also had 100-packs of TDK DVD-R and DVD+R media for $40. I'm set for a while.

All in all, not a bad tech shopping day.

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