Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

I'm sitting here watching Match Game '74

No, I haven't fallen off the deep end, there's a reason.

kevin_standlee has been approached by baycon about running a fannish game show, and Match Game is the one he thought of first.

If you've never seen that 70's icon (yeah, its first run was in the 60's, but I remember it from the 70's) that is Match Game you're missing out on something really funny. Host Gene Rayburn and a number of "stars" (well, they were stars at the time... or were they?) play "fill in the blank" with young southern-California housewives (who drove in to Burbank).

Here's a real question: Harriet said "I watch TV commercials very closely, and I discovered that the Ty-dy-Bowl Man is really BLANK."


Nanook the Eskimo built a generator for his igloo. He says "I make my own electricity by putting my BLANK on a treadmill."

The funniest one was Bret [Somers, panelist on the upper tier] said "I remember the first man who proposed to me. I would have accepted, but he was BLANK." The sweet innocent housewife said "gay" but didn't get embarrassed until the audience started laughing. She also got no matches from the panel (her answer was a bit racy for '74).

Kevin is looking for questions. As you can see, not all questions are innuendo-laden. He's going to need some that aren't, on the off-chance he gets a contestant in the Jr. High set.

I'm going to offer up some inspirational themes:
  • Baycon staff members
  • Well-known west-coast BNF's
  • Local conventions
  • Popular fictional characters
  • Larry Niven
  • Jerry Pournelle
  • Jim Burns
  • Craig Miller
  • James Stanley Daugherty
  • Michael Siladi

Email your question ideas to kastandlee (at) with [Match Game] in the subject line (so he doesn't junk it as SPAM).

I've got comments screened, and I'm not going to be at BayCon. If you want to post actual questions in the comments, I'll forward them over.

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