Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


Sunday was another "get up too early" day, because we had to be in Alameda at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant to join flotsomnjetsom, rivetheretic, jkuroda, danaoshee, shalyndra and a few others for dim sum.

This time we got there on time (we were first, actually), and got a good start. It wasn't quite the feeding frenzy that the previous stop was; we had done the Crab Carnivale the night before and flotsomnjetsom had done fondue with a few friends.

After plenty of jiggly rice-flour food, we popped over to Jack London Square to see V for Vendetta. See it. It's fabulous. It's definitely a more modern take on conservative fascist governments than the graphic novel (steeped as it was in Aryan nationalism and Thatcher conservatism).

Instead of just hauling home, we walked over to the Barnes and Noble, and raided the cheapo rack quite successfully. I snagged a copy of the V for Vendetta graphic novel (not on the cheapo rack), a few William S. Burroughs books (also not on the cheapo rack, but I'm in a wild prose mood at the moment), a history of candy and sweets, a copy of A Cook's Tour and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie production and design book.

Finally we did go home, ordered a pizza, and I spent some time cracking and picking a bag of crab from Saturday night (hence the bit about avoiding typing).

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