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A shot in... ...the foot?

In Tuesday's debate, the esteemed Vice President screwed up when he cited is the URL for Annenberg Political FactCheck, the site that had the article explaining how Cheney's income from Halliburton was earned before he took office. belongs to a advertiser/seller of dictionaries, thesauri and encyclopedias. Unfortunately, the servers there couldn't take the traffic generated by a mention from the veep.

After their service went down, they decided the best way to get even was to redirect the traffic to a server with enough power and bandwidth. Which one did they pick? None other than the home page of George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist who decided to put his money and mouth where his convictions are and speak out against George W. Bush.

Somewhat prominent on the home page is the information that Soros and his folks weren't responsible for this, and a link to

Check out Soros' own blog for his opinion, or the AP story for more details including comments from the admins at

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