Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

"Pantser Division"

from danjite's post...

In the naked city, one man stands for honor. One man stands for morality. One man stands for really great creases. Pantser Division.

Mild-mannered Casper James Dolcebanana didn't learn until his 21st birthday why his mother died in childbirth. Revelations of premature labor and his mother being scared by bad hip-hop videos featuring dancers in shapeless, ugly billowy pants barely hanging off their hips put him in the psych ward at MarkhamSpencer Asylum. Not so good a birthday present. After several years of therapy, society once again welcomed a really snappy dresser, but one with a secret.

Leading a secret army of elderly ex-Nazi garment workers from the slums of Buenos Aires (it's amazing who you can find on mySpace), Casper patrols the city as Pantser Divison, defender of all that is good and eternally stylish. Many a pimp, drug-dealer or murderer has been found on the steps of City Hall in a really sharp suit, worn under an equally sharp straitjacket.

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