Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


Point the first. Maybe those Brown jokes are a bit stinky. The guy may not be a competent disaster manager, but it looks like he did grasp the scope of the problem before it hit and made his best attempts to explain it to his superiors.

Point the second. This whole thing about Dubai Ports World taking over 6 eastern seaports being so awful because Dubai isn't trustworthy is a smokescreen. Until only a few years ago, DP World was a bit player. In 2004, CSX sold their port operations division to DP World, suddenly making them a powerhouse. So the question for you: "Which Bush Cabinet Secretary is the past CEO of CSX?" The answer? Treasury Secretary John Snow. Just to add insult to injury, DP World's last director of Latin American and European operations, David Sanborn, was hired away to become US Maritime Administration head. Terrorism and foreign ownership is a smokescreen. Follow the money.

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