Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

For johno and others...

At WorldCon (and maybe a bit before) I spoke with a number of LJ users about LJ badges. johno has a fabulous user badge (with an old, possibly now unobtainable version of the LJ logo), but nobody really had any community ID options.

kproche and I were talking about adding posters to the League of Evil Geniuses set to promote our yahoogroup Costume-Con 26? chat list and our LiveJournal loeg community.

So anyway, I decided to spend a few minutes today taking the tiny lj community icon and scaling it up. I did search first, but didn't find anything.

If anybody wants to use this for posters, badges or whatever, just snag a copy. I've also got this in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format if for some reason you need an even larger image.

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