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Andrew Trembley

The "BrownScarves" post...

Well, there was plenty of brown in Tom Baker's scarf.

But that's not the point.

In one of the "Black Scrolls of Rassillon" (the Gallifrey One newsletter), Lee Whiteside wrote an article about SciFi's acquisition of the new Doctor Who series.

For those of you who need to be caught up, SciFi only picked up Doctor Who in mid-January.

That's months after the season completed its run in Canada, Australia and Great Britain. It's after the Christmas special aired. It's practically after the new season went into production.

That's not what Lee's article was about, though.

Lee got some inside information. SciFi is only planning minimal promotion and marketing for the show. Sure, it's filling the slot that Battlestar Galactica will vacate until its next season, and that's a good slot. On the other hand, they haven't budgeted for the heavy promotion that their big in-house productions (regardless of whether they're good or crappy, personally I think the higher the crap-factor, the more promotion) get.

SciFi doesn't even have a Doctor Who web page up yet, and they start airing in 4 weeks.

That's pretty sad for a show that just ate up the awards at this year's [British] National Television Awards. It isn't promising in terms of acquisition of the next season or Torchwood.

Doctor Who has to be big if we don't want to spend next season in limbo, waiting for SciFi to exercise their option until they've got dead space to fill.

If the Browncoats can muster up enough support to make a movie based on a dead show saleable, surely we can muster enough support to convince SciFi that Doctor Who is a hot property that deserves more (like, perhaps, a run concurrent with the UK and Canada) next season.

What can you do?
  • Watch the show. OK, that one was simple. Pretend you haven't downloaded it on Bittorrent, or bought foreign release DVDs. It starts Friday nights at 9:00 on March 17
  • Record the show. Even if you've seen the episode already. If you've got TiVo or some other DVR, it reports back what you use it for (don't complain about spying, it's good) and this information is valuable ratings data
  • Watch your recording. Even if you've seen the episode already. Same as above
  • Buy the USA release DVDs. Well, if you haven't bought the UK release or the Canada release. DVD sales are what did it for Firefly
  • Oh, and the important one. Tell your friends.

It's not like it's impossible to get the episodes by illicit means, but I know I'd rather be watching the show at home in the USA on basic cable at the same time it's airing everywhere else.

Do you want to see Doctor Who to get more attention next season? Spread the word.

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