Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley


Oy, I just can't eat like that too often.

It's been a long day, a day that started in Alameda at East Ocean Seafood, a most excellent Chinese restaurant on Webster Ave in Alameda for dim sum with flotsomnjetsom and many others. kproche, lobolance, Steele and I headed up to get there by 10:30 (and through errors in timing ended up getting there just before 11:00). It doesn't look like much, but as soon as you sit down, the carts just start coming. This is the first dim sum brunch I've had since the Village Idiots did a run to Mayflower out on Geary in the avenues that's been this good and this authentic. By 11:00 the place was packed, and we were the only minority-asian table in what was a very large restaurant. By the time we left at 12:30 there was a short line out the door. Their pork buns (both steamed and baked) were superb, as were the pork-stuffed mushrooms. I can't begin to cover everything else.

Afterwards, we did a wine run. We had chardonnay futures and a club pick-up at White Crane and a club pick-up at Bent Creek. Bent Creek had just released their new zinfandel port; it's not syrupy sweet and has a strong fruit backbone, so we also got a few bottles of that. On Pat's suggestion we stoped at Bodegas Aguirre, a relatively new tasting room featuring some really interesting reds. We picked up a few bottles of their estate merlot (big and rich for a merlot) and a few bottles of their late-harvest merlot (surprisingly well balanced). Cedar Mountain was tasting a new estate cabernet sauvignon that's very promising, and since there were two magnums left of that amazing 1992 cabernet sauvignon, we picked up one (if the last one is still left on the next visit we'll get it then). Steven Kent was doing a preview tasting of their petit verdot-based "Contemplation No. 2" which will be releasing next week. Thomas Coyne was closed for the Super Bowl, so we had to miss them.

After all that wine we ran to Kazoo in Japantown for a quick dinner. Kazoo has a sushi boat bar, and while the sushi was very good, the assortment coming past on the boats just wasn't inspiring. Isobune in San Fran (the original sushi boat restaurant at its Burlingame location) does a much better selection on the boats, as does Sushi Boat in Westgate and Valley Fair.
Still, we did OK, and I got mochi filled with sweet bean paste (which I've never seen on the boats at other restaurants) for dessert.

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