Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

FurCon Sunday...

Didn't see a lot of the con today. We ran offsite for breakfast which ended up being more of brunch, dropped off party luggage at home, and came back to the hotel only to discover that K had left his badge at the house.

While not lacking non-con stuff to keep us busy, it did prevent us from hitting the dealers' room one last time before they closed. Not a great loss, since I had already bought just about everything in there I wanted.

Did a quick dinner at the coffee garden just a bit too late to see the fursuit parade go by, packed up some more stuff to take home (while picking up the stray badge), and headed back. There are actually a few parties on tonight. I saw posters for SacFurs and Julia told me her party is also running tonight. Will be going down there shortly.

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