Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Furcon Friday morning...


"Renais-WHAT?" panel on history was sparsely attended, but went well.

Picked up our sponsor goodies, the stuff is pretty nice.

The dealer's room is incredibly packed.

Hotel room (party room) got screwed up again. We're in 251 now, instead of 247. Or rather, we'll be in 251 once we can check in. Reservations manager is a bit confused about how it got scrambled this time, since she fixed the pre-block herself yesterday.

Got the BASFA ribbons Chaz had shipped from the front desk, and got them to Ed (con party maven and BASFA party coordinator) who was less than thrilled to hear about the room problems, since his party numbers for tonight don't match up now.

Party fliers are printing now. Let's see if the room is still stable and in the right place when I go down to check in.

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