Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Notes on FurCon Thursday...


We're here.

There was a hotel snafu, but it got fixed. We almost had our sleeping rooms on the party floor and our party room on the executive level. That would have been bad.

We got our badges. We pre-reged at the "Sponsor" rate, and the extra $50 (besides getting us goodies, like the con shirt, when the con shoppe opens tomorrow), and it was worth it, because it got us in the quickie line. 2 badges, no waiting.

The sponsor badges (cool, printed plastic) are very pretty, but fail entirely at being a readable badge that makes it easy to identify people by name. I might just have to get a "fursona" badge made up so I can be more easily be identified.

My panel (Rennais-WHAT?) is on the schedule for 11:30 AM tomorrow. The description isn't in the conbook (I submitted way too late) but it follows "Introduction to Furry Fandom" and leads into "RenasScience" so we should have a good crowd.

Opening ceremonies were short. "Hi, we're the con-chairs. These are the guests. There's food at the back of the room. Go eat." Very nice.

More reports as more happens.

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